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My New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution

My New Years resolution this year is to eat healthy and exercise, my daughter said “you’re already healthy”, it’s true I don’t eat sugar, and most processed foods but my weakness since giving up sugar is chips, so I need to kick that habit! But I still haven’t started an exercise routine, and by routine I mean exercising the recommended 30 minutes a day. I’ve started wearing an apple watch and I only walk 4000-6000 steps a day!

a teaspoon of sugar is 4g

The Struggle is real

Today is January 1, I had a few cookies and chocolates over Christmas so I’m now struggling with my addiction to sugar again! I didn’t have a cookie until Christmas eve, I really wanted to taste the cookies I made a few days ago, so I tried it. Then I said to myself “if I’m eating sugar now, I may as well try the chocolate chip cookies I made”, which led me to the chocolates I bought that I really wanted to try, so after a sugar binge, I really wasn’t feeling well, but felt so satisfied to try everything I wanted.


The next day I wasn’t craving sugar, or so I thought… the cookies on the counter started calling out to me, “I can handle sugar” I say to myself and sneak one, the next day the same thing happened, I was sneaking cookies! So last night, New Years Eve, I ate all the cookies and ate all the chocolates I wanted, another sugar binge, and today I’m struggling with my sugar cravings! It’s only 10 am and my mouth is watering for the cookies on the counter! I may have to throw them out…

Before my sugar binges over the holidays I did not crave a chocolate or a cookie, no sugar at all! So I’m looking forward to being free from this addiction but I know its going to take a while, at least a week, if I remember correctly from my Easter binge.

fruit drawers good intentions

Where to start

It’s not like I don’t know how to exercise, I trained for a marathon (almost 10 years ago!) and I used to go to the gym almost everyday. But I had an injury while training for that marathon and haven’t exercised since!

I’ve been dealing with a bad back the last couple of weeks, apparently lower back pain is pretty common as you get up there in age, I just turned 40 in the last year so I’m sure this is the start of a lot more pain to come. I’d really like to start a program to strengthen my abs and back, I don’t want to be like those old ladies who can’t stand up straight and are walking baby steps! No offense to anyone, I know some people are like it through no fault of their own, but I also know that exercise can help prevent a lot of back and walking issues as you get older.

I’m going to go see if I can find a yoga video, that should help take my mind of the delicious cookies I made, sitting on the counter, waiting to be eaten. Wish me luck in getting through this week, and I hope you stick with any resolutions you’ve made!

Happy New Year!!


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