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How I Lost Weight Without Trying!

How I Lost Weight Without Trying!

I’ve lost about 30 pounds, without trying, in about 2 months. I had finally accepted the fact that I’ll never be skinny again, I hate cold salads and was never a lover of fruit. I also live where it’s cold and snowing for at least 5 months in the year, so I don’t get out a lot to exercise.

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Last year my father had a massive heart attack, and I found out my mother has high cholesterol. I started to get concerned about my health, but not enough to do anything about it. One year later, my husband, who has type 1 diabetes, lost his eyesight. We found out his blood pressure was high. So, it was time for me to start to get healthy. I cut down on the salt, like my father was told to do, but it didn’t seem right. Our bodies need salt, too little is not good for you either. There must be something else that is causing almost everyone I know to have heart related problems, so I started to research.

One BIG Change

What I found, and what kept popping up was sugar! I LOVE sugar, there’s no way I can give up sugar! I love coffee in the morning with 2 teaspoons of sugar, how can I give up my coffee in the morning?? But I kept reading about the effects of sugar and then I watched a documentary, ‘That Sugar Film’, it was time for me to suck it up and give up sugar…


It wasn’t like I was eating massive amounts of chocolate and candy. I probably ate chocolate a couple times a week, rarely a candy. I don’t really like cake, I’ll eat a few cookies a week, the hardest was my two teaspoons of sugar in my coffee.  Since I can’t drink coffee without sugar in it, I had to give that up too.

I no longer eat cookies, chocolates or any other sweets. Christmas day I ate a bag of my favorite chocolates and got sick. By the time Easter came around, I wasn’t really missing chocolate. But I let myself eat my favorite Easter chocolates. It didn’t taste as good as I remembered, so I didn’t eat a lot. I don’t think I’ll have any next year, the chocolate cravings the next few days were so strong! It was really hard to stay away from it, but I did, and the cravings started to go away again.

A few SMALL changes

I replaced my morning coffee with green tea, that wasn’t so bad! I didn’t like the taste of green tea, but I knew it was good for me, so I say to myself ‘suck it up buttercup’ at least I still get my caffeine in the morning.  Also, I started to read up on the benefits of green tea, so I added in a couple more cups throughout the day. Now I’ve gotten used to the taste and I even crave it. I recommend trying a few different brands because I’ve found one I really like.


Delicious Easter treats

Because I’ve started this ‘health kick’, I kept researching and discovered probiotics, and all the benefits of probiotics. So I started to drink kefir. I didn’t like the taste of Kefir either, but I’d say ‘suck it up buttercup’. It’s not that bad when you get used to it.

Now that I’ve given up sugar, fruit tastes so much better and sweeter! I bought cherries one day and I was telling my friends about how delicious they were, they said they bought the same ones, but thought they tasted bitter! I didn’t say it was probably because sugar has their taste buds ruined, but I secretly know that’s why.

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Also, I should tell you that I do not eat any sweeteners of any kind, no diet pop, no Splenda or sugar twin, if I have yogurt it’s plain. No granola or protein bars. No sugar-free desserts like pudding or jello. Absolutely no juice and no pop, I only drink water. I also don’t eat processed meat, but I gave that up about 10 years ago. I also don’t eat white bread, or crackers.

Because meal times are difficult enough with kids, I will still eat certain meals with added sugar like spaghetti. The brand of pasta sauce I use has 8g of sugar for 1/2 a cup. That’s 2 teaspoons of sugar! I also eat honey garlic sauce which has approximately 14 teaspoons of sugar in a serving! The difference is, I do not coat my food in the sauce anymore. I just take the vegetables and meat out of the sauce, so I’m not getting as much sugar. We also have these meals less often than before.


I did add coffee back in after I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee. So I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning, without sugar!

That is literally all I did! I gave up added sugar, added 4 cups (2 big mugs) of green tea a day, and drink about a half a cup of kefir a day. Unfortunately, I didn’t weigh myself at the start of this because I was doing it for my health. I never thought I could lose weight without exercising every day, but within a month I noticed I was losing weight! I’ve lost at least 30lbs and I have stayed at this weight for a while now. But in my quest to get healthy, I do plan on adding in some exercise, maybe I’ll lose more weight! I’ll keep you updated…


Please consult your Doctor or Dietitian before making drastic diet changes or an exercise program. Especially if you suffer from a chronic illness and/or take prescription meds!



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