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Baby Gear Must Haves (0-3 months)

Baby Gear Must Haves (0-3 months)

I didn’t realize how big the ‘baby market’ was until I was pregnant and started shopping for the arrival of our new little family member.  I obviously got advice from friends and family on what baby gear we should have, and spent hours searching the Internet for reviews for the best products.  As if I wasn’t already completely overwhelmed!  So for you soon to be first time moms; here is a list of the baby gear I’ve loved having in the first 5 months (and a few things I thought were necessary but definitely were not)…

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1. Pack n Play

I probably wouldn’t have bought this (ours was a family hand me down) but I’ve used it from day one!  It’s recommended that baby sleeps next to mom for the first 6months – year for the prevention of SIDS but really, I think it’s for moms sanity!

I didn’t want to spend money on a bassinet that he was going to outgrow in a few months so I used the bassinet attachment on the pack n play!  It is not recommended that this attachment be used for sleeping but, you can still use the top shelf if you’re not comfortable with this.  Since we don’t have a huge bedroom, this worked much better than dragging in a crib.  Also, when he outgrew the bassinet attachment in a very quick 2 months; I just put him on the top shelf to sleep (see picture).  I never used the change table attachment much but, when he was in the bassinet it was convenient for middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

2.  Crib

For some reason this was a must have for me.  We got a good deal on one at a wholesale discount place but I have not yet used it!  It is a great place to throw his clean clothes before I hang them up but that’s it!  So if your pinching pennies…. you can probably wait for this purchase!

3. Car seat and stroller 

This purchase gave me the most stress and is the ONLY thing you need to bring your baby home… well the car seat part. I wanted a travel system because I seen the convenience of being able to get him in and out of the car without unbuckling him.  However, I had NO idea what features were important to look for.  I ended up buying a Graco Click Connects system and I love it for a few reasons. First, the car seat was the lightest one I could find.  This is important since my son is now almost 17lbs and it’s heavy to carry him any distance.  Second, it’s super easy to connect the car seat to the stroller and the base. And, the base folds up and pops in the back of our car super easy!  I’m glad I spent the money and bought the one I liked the best.

(Both the car seat and stroller attachments can be use front or back facing)

4. Swing/Glider

I actually didn’t purchase one before he was born but we were given a toys r us gift card so this is what we ended up spending it on and totally worth it!  First, it’s a great place to quickly and safely put him when I need to do something.  Also, it’s nice to put him in there for daytime naps so I can keep an eye on him while doing chores.  Again, it is not recommended that babies sleep in swings and gliders for long periods of time.  This was definitely something that was worth the investment!

5.  Baby monitor

We bought This video monitor by vtech that came with 2 cameras but is not connected to wifi.  I did not use this often in the first 2 months but it definitely comes in handy more now.  Having the 2 cameras is great because I can put him down to nap in any room and I don’t have to move a camera.  Also, the video option is useful because I can see if he is actually awake or if he is just making noise in his sleep.  If you ever want to shower again… a video monitor of some sort is a must have! This one has a talk feature that I’ve never used but I love that it tells me the temperature!

6.  Change table 

I actually repurposed an old dresser to use as a change table.  I didn’t spend money on it and I think I’m glad for that!  We use it quite a bit but, it’s just as easy to grab a diaper and change him where ever he is.  I found that it was easier to keep a stash of wipes and a change pad around the house!

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7.  Diaper genie 

I’m including this because I was told by a friend that she hated the diaper genie and I shouldn’t waste my money.  Well, our genie was another family donation so I didn’t spend money on it but, totally would have!  It contains the smell; my garbage doesn’t fill up quickly with dirty diapers; and it’s quick and easy to change the bags!

8.  Wipes warmer 

Again, this was a gift and not something I would have thought I needed however, I loved it!  In the first 2 months he hated cold wipes and it was nice to have them warmed up for him.

More recently we have started getting him into the different play stations, stay tuned for a new post on those!


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