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Cheap and Easy Door Makeover

Cheap and Easy Door Makeover

One thing that drives me crazy is contractor grade door handles!  They are so ugly and make my home look outdated.  So, when I seen some blog posts on how to inexpensively paint them, I was so excited to give it a try!  I read a few different posts, some suggested primer, some said I didn’t need it, different sanding techniques and some using etching primer.  Since I am cheap and impatient I decided to skip the primer and only sand.  So, here’s how I did this cheap and easy door upgrade….

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First, I removed the door handle.  This was a lot easier than I expected despite the fact that some of the screws were stripped! TIP: use an elastic band over the tip of the screwdriver to get a better grip when screws are stripped.  All I had to do was unscrew the screws and pop it off!  Some sites suggest keeping them on and just using tape…. but I’m messy so off they came!

Then I used the sandpaper to take the shine out of the current finish.  This took all of 7 minutes for one door.  Not difficult at all!  Then I used a wet rag and wiped down all the sanded parts.  I didn’t sand the screws but I did paint them.

After sanding…

Next was painting! Easy! You can just follow the instructions on the can.  I did 3 coats waiting for about an hour or so in between, with a very light sand after each coat.  Check out the cut up paper towel roll to keep the handles proped up to dry and poked the screws in a piece of cardboard…. this made things way easier!  Also, the paint is strong smelling so it is recommended you do this project outside or in a basement/garage.  It was also super hard to wash off so it is recommend you wear gloves ( I wore gloves and still managed to get it on me ).

After first coat….

I only did one door handle for now because I wanted to see if I liked the results.  I actually LOVE how it looks and my plan is to do all the doors as well as the hinges next!