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Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast

Because of my new love for sweet potatoes, I went looking for new recipes to use up a bunch I just bought. I came across ‘sweet potato toast’ the new ‘avocado toast’, I didn’t know avocado toast was a thing! Anyway, it’s pretty simple, here’s what I did.

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First, slice the sweet potato. This was pretty difficult. I cut the bottom off first so I could stand it up straight and slice down.

I made my slices a little too thick, the next time I will do it at half the thickness you can see here. Because it was so thick I had to toast it 4 times and it still wasn’t done enough, but it was starting to burn.

I peeled it before toasting, but for added nutrients and fiber you can leave this on! Then you pop it in your toaster, up on MAX., trust me it’ll be fine! When it pops up flip it over and toast it again, keep it on Max.

That’s it, your done! Top it with whatever you want. I used peanut butter the first time, it was actually really good. The next time, I just used butter and cinnamon. When I make it again, I’m going to try cream cheese!