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What’s for Dinner??

What’s for Dinner??

If you’re like me, you are sick of trying to come up with ideas for dinner. Sometimes I scroll through Facebook to see what other people are posting, but I NEVER make anything from those cooking videos no matter how easy or yummy they look. I know Laura needs help, because every now and then, I get a text saying “what are you having for supper?”

So let’s do up a list where we can reference ideas. I have a list on my phone, and anytime we have something that we all like I add it to the list. But lately we’re sick of what’s on the list. So even if you don’t bookmark this page as a reference for you, please leave a comment on what you’re having for dinner for us! Thanks in advance!

Here’s Linda’s list:

Burrito bake, tacos, chicken clubs, spaghetti, sheppards pie (I usually make an ‘upside down’ version and put the mashed potatoes on the plate and the meat and gravy on top, corn on the side) Beef stroganoff, salmon with roasted veggies, stir fry, BBQ, curry chicken, meatballs, Macaroni and cheese, Nachos, pulled pork, beef and broccoli on rice or noodles, hamburgers, lasagna (usually made with leftover spaghetti sauce), pizza, and last night we had breakfast because we just didn’t know what to cook.

Hopefully this helped you get an idea for supper tonight! Let us know what some of your family favorites are!


Good idea Linda! I hate having to come up with dinner ideas! I usually text you AND mom to see what you are having! Here’s my list..

spaghetti, chili, sweet and sour meat balls, hamburgers, tacos, beef stew, steak, stir fry, honey garlic chicken, chicken fajitas, chicken and broccoli Alfreda, roasted whole chicken, BBQ chicken breast (sometimes on a bun and sometimes with veggies n roasted potatoes). Pork tenderloin, bbq ribs, baked salmon and fish stew.

I usually pair each meal with a bagged salad or roasted peppers and onions. Sometimes mixed steamed veggies and either pasta, rice, potato or sweet potato.

oh yea! I also add a can of lentils to my chili and pasta to amp up the fiber! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You can barely tell it’s there..

I got halfway through my list, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to reveal to the world, what I eat as a Dietitian. But now that I look at it, it’s not too bad!!!