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Cabinet Refinishing Project

Cabinet Refinishing Project

One of the first projects my husband and I took on in our outdated house was refinishing the kitchen cabinets.  We did this in our previous house and it made such a huge difference.  We loved the results so we were eager to try again!  Our previous house had laminate cupboards and we weren’t aware of the Rust-oleum product so we took a different approach. So, this was out first time with this product.  FYI, this project took MUCH longer and requires a lot more steps than the floor refinishing kit.

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what we purchased

So we purchased the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformation with a light base.  This kit includes a deglosser, a base coat, a decorative gloss and a protective top coat.

In the box…

The first step is to make a good realistic plan.  First of all, remember you have live without doors on your cabinets for at least a weekend, if not longer and you need enough space to keep the doors laying around as they dry.  Also, the products have a strong odor so a basement or garage is ideal.  We did sections of our kitchen over a series of weekends and we still have one section that has not been completed.


Next step we removed all the cupboard doors and the hardware from the doors.  This is a pain but not difficult once you get the hang of it.  TIP: keep screws in a sandwich bag so you don’t lose them and, number doors and keep them separate so you know where to put them back!  Then, we used a scrubbing pad to apply the deglosser and rinsed off the deglosser as you go because you aren’t supposed to let this stuff dry (I don’t know what will happen if you do).  This isn’t too difficult but will depend if your cabinets have grooves in them or not.

Once the doors were dried (about 30 minutes) we painted them with the base coat.  Pretty much as soon as we were done with the deglosser we could start with the base coat.  In our case, we used a white base coat.  Then, we left them for 2 hours to dry before flipping them and doing the other side.  We did 2 coats of base coat on most of the doors but some were really dirty and required 3 coats.

Once the base coat is dried you can wipe on the decorative glaze.  This is supposed to give a ‘wood look’ back to your cabinets.  I liked the look of just plain white so we skipped this step and just did them with one coat of topcoat.  Then let them fully dry…. we waited 24hours before putting the hardware back on and hanging them again.

We purchased new pulls for all the doors for a more updated look.  TIP: measure the hole of the current pulls and buy the same size or you will have to drill holes to attach them!


Although this is a long process the results are amazing… the kitchen looks much more modern!  Once we update the backsplash, countertops and appliances our kitchen will be totally updated!