The hilarious and unfiltered adventures of two sisters



YAY!!! Our first post!

So I just want to give a little background info on how our site came to be and what it is about….

Linda and I (Laura) are sisters living miles apart.  I’m in Ontario and she is in Newfoundland.  Despite the distance, she is my best friend and the one I look to for advice, to vent to, and to share all the crazy, hilarious idiosyncrasies of life.  We are constantly texting each other all day long – telling funny stories about what our kids/husbands/parents did, sharing pictures and videos and advice on how to (fill in the blank).

Apparently Linda, (who is an editor and will make our site look pretty and professional) has been wanting to start her own website for some time.  After reading a post from (link that site here) she sends me a text and suggests we choose a topic and start one together!  Since we have hilarious (and sometimes even informative) conversations on a daily basis I suggest we post that!

Since we don’t always agree (obviously! we ARE sisters)  we might even have arguing posts!  For example, Linda makes her own kefir (really who has time for THAT anyway)…..Hey! maybe you can post about that next!  Anyway, she thinks that kefir has magical healing power and makes everyone she comes into contact with (that is brave enough) drink it.  I, on the other hand, know that kefir is fermented milk product that keeps your gut bacteria healthy and helps with digestion but that’s it…. (I think I just started a posting argument).

So there you go…. what you can expect to find on our site are posts about the funny / annoying things our kids / husbands / parents do.  Advice and our opinions about good products / recipes we like.  How to do basic daily tasks such as peel an egg / cook fish and clean really dirty tile grout.