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5 things you should never say to a Dietitian

5 things you should never say to a Dietitian

In celebration of Dietitians Day I would like to offer up some free advice of a few things you should never say to a Dietitian ….

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1. “You’re going to eat THAT”?!?

“Yes, yes I am” will be my answer.  I am a Dietitian and I am also a human being who likes to enjoy a good burger and fries.  Especially if I am going out to eat with friends or family to a restaurant, I will order foods that I do not make at home which will likely include French fries (my weakness) and more deep fried delights!  People frequently ask what they can order at a restaurant that is healthy…. as a Dietitian but also a former server in a restaurant, my answer is typically Nothing!! Because I know even the salad will have a dressing loaded with fat and sugar…. when you go out to eat, order something you are going to love, just try not to go out too often!

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2. “Don’t look at what I’m eating then”!!

Here’s the deal…. I don’t care what you are eating unless you are my patient in my office!  Chances are I feel as though you are judging my plate.  My favorite is when I see patients in the grocery store and they do a big 360° with their cart and head in the opposite direction… Hey! if you take a look in my cart it’s not just broccoli and kale either!

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3. “Can you make me a meal plan”?

NO! Not only will I not make you one; I will not make one for my patients either! Why not, you ask? Well, for a number of reasons… first of all, chances are you do not like the foods that I like and thus you won’t like what is on the ‘meal plan’.  Also, it would take way too much time and effort to come up with a plan that you will not follow!  Who wants to eat the same meals over and over?!? Rather, most Dietitians will teach you to make small changes to the way you are currently eating to make better choices that are sustainable.

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4. “But Dr.Oz said….”

STOP! Just stop! Dr. Oz is a medical doctor not a dietitian and most medical doctors have very little if any training in food and nutrition. Most of what he promotes on one show is immediately contradicted on the next.  Also, under this heading we can add “but the trainer at the gym said….” or “my hairdresser told me… ” or “my chiropractor suggested…” To which I will respond “would you let me crack your neck or cut your hair”! Get your nutrition advice from a reputable source (a Dietitian)!

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5. “What’s the best way to eat”

If I had that answer, I would be rolling around in my cash instead of writing this post.  The answer is different for everyone and changes that work for someone might not work for another.

Bottom line…. if you have asked a Dietitian one of these questions you have sent shivers down his/her spine and received a polite answer through a fake smile or a highly sarcastic remark, if that Dietitian was me…. unless you mentioned Dr.Oz in which case, said Dietitian likely threw something at you. 🙂 So in the future you can ask more relevant questions!

ohhh…. Linda, thinking of sarcastic comebacks… maybe our next post could be 1,001 things NOT to say to a new mom / exclusively breastfeeding mom!